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We are quick and highly effective at repairing non-working, broken, or damaged computing items.
We will exceed your expectations with our service and provide it to you at a highly competitive rate.

Apple Support
We’re here to help. Apple-repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. Start your repair request now or learn more about repair options. We can save you 30-50% cheaper then apple
Quick & Convenient Repair Process
We are Professional Technicians
Only Use High Quality Parts
Many Locations For Your Convenience
Smartphone Body Repair

Broken, cracked, scratched, dented frame? No problem. We can fix that.

Speaker Microphone Fix

Having trouble hearing your music or phone calls or perhaps the person on the other end can't hear you? We can repair your speaker or microphone problems.

Battery Replacement

Symptoms of a bad batttery: phone shutting off even at high % levels; Phone not fully charging; Phone not charging at all; Phone won't turn on. Time to professionally replace that battery in your sealed phone.

Water Damage Repair

Got caught out in the rain with your phone and now it's acting up? We can dry it out, replace any ruined components, and get it back working properly again.

Cracked Screen Repair

There's nothing more annoying than constantly looking at a cracked screen. It doesn't matter if you can still operate your phone you need to get that screen repaired ASAP.

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    If you’re looking for somewhere to get your laptop or PC fixed, this is definitely the place to go! They are very professional, affordable and knowledgeable. They put Geek Squad to shame. Highly recommend!
    DeekOur Customer
    CNA is a great computer repair service. I go in there about 6 times a year and every time I get fast and accurate service.  They go way above and beyond for me all the time !!!!!
    Tom CeroneOur Customer
    Dropped a laptop off to get a virus off.  They got the virus off no problem (much quicker than staples) and I haven’t had any trouble since. Thanks!
    Matthew PastorOur Customer
    Quick & Affordable Computer Repair Services
    A one-stop solution for all your personal computing needs.